Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Cuddles

This tutorial was written by me on August 17, 2013
Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental

Supplies needed:

Scrapkit "Mysteriously Emo" by Starz Creationz which can be purchased at Bee-NCreative4Less
Tube by Zlata_M at Pics For Design
Mask 0008 by Trese

Dropshadow used: -2 / 2 / 5 / 50

New Canvas 700x700 Transparent
Open Paper 7
Copy and close
Paste as New Layer
Open mask and apply (A great tutorial on masks can be found HERE)
Open F1
Copy and close
Paste as new layer
Arrange frame in center of large mask circle
Using fuzzy selection tool click in center of frame
Grow selection 3
Open P8
Copy and close
Paste as new layer
Invert selection and delete
Invert selection again
open tube and copy girl (do not close out we need the kitty)
On canvas paste as new layer
Scale layer 60%
Position tube in frame as though she is crawling out of the frame (see my tag)
Invert selection
Using the eraser erase the right side of the tube outside of the frame
Selecect none
Add dropshadow and merge down 1x into shadow
In layers arrange frame to top
In layers select tube and duplicate
Arrange duplicate to top of layers
In layers select the frame layer
Go back to your tube and copy the kitty
paste as new layer
arrange the kitty on the left hand side of canvas just behind the hand on the floor
add a dropshadow and merge down 1x into shadow
In layers select the top tube layer
Open and apply the following elements. Resize as needed and add a dropshadow to each


Scale image 600x600
Add copryright and Lic # if needed
Merge Visible
Add name desired
Export .png

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