Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Monster Mash (Forum Set)

This tutorial was written on September 4, 2013
Any similarity to other tutorials are purely coincidental.

PSP (any version will work)
Tube by Ty Wilson at ADI
Plugins: Mura Meister Copies, Dot and Cross, LenKSiteofWonders Zitah, DSB Flux Linear Transmission


Open tube and minimize
New canvas 600x225 transparent
Restore tube and copy and minimize
Paste as new layer on canvas
Arrange tube down so the heads of the tube can be seen
Mura Meister Copies - Wallpaper (Rotate) with default settings
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur 3.00 
On bottom layer apply Penta - Dot and Cross (default settings)
Apply LenK's Zita (change Control 0 to 6 and Control 1 to 17)
On top layer apply DSB Flux Linear Transmission, change Slice Size to 3
Change blend mode to screen
IL close Copy of Raster 2
Restore tube
Copy and close
Paste as new Layer
position left side of canvas
IL open Copy of Raster 2 and select it
Paste as new layer
Mirror and resize 60%
Position on right side of canvas
Add dropshadow
merge visible
Crop merged opaque
new Raster layer
Flood fill with color from tube
Select All - Contract 4 - Delete - Select none
In layers select merged layer
New Rasterlayer
Select all - Contract 6 - Delete - Select None
Merge visible
Add Copyright and Lic # if needed
Merge visible again
Add name
Save as .jpg or .png

On your banner Delete the name layer
Duplicate image (SHIFT+D)
Close out original
Crop 150x150
Move crop selection on banner as desired
Click green check mark
New raster layer
Flood fill the first color you used in the banner frame
Select All -Contract 4 - Delete - Select None
New Raster Layer
Floodfill the second color you used in the banner frame
Select all - Contract 2 - delete - Select None
Add Copyright and lic # if needed
Merge Visible
Add Initial or name as desired
Merge Visible again
Save as .jpg or .png

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